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So that was the merry, merry month of May…

June 1, 2009

It all started on the 1st of May (where, or rather when else, could it possibly:)? I had a strange incident at the Pinelands Central Square Standard Bank ATM. An older gent was ahead of me in the queue, and a woman was at the machine, seemingly struggling with the card. I thought, Oh no, not another scam, since that machine is well known as a hack site. Anyhows, the woman eventually turned to us and said in a slight French accent, ‘The machine has eaten my money’, or something like that. (You can tell it’s getting a bit vaue now, right, with all these ‘anyhow’s and  ‘something like that’s?)

So I get involved. Seems she genuinely does have a problem. A one-hundred rand note is stuck. I tell her to stand back (you can’t take chances with anyone at the machine), and insert my card. I withdraw R40, and the R100 note almosts comes out. It seems impossible. I tell her to scratch in her handbag for something to grip with, women always have useful things in there. She laughs, and pulls a  hair clip from her head. We stand there nit-picking the machine, adn eventually she gives final, conclusive tug. It’s out!

When I look more closely at her, she looks like Eliane! French accent and all, is there a factory up there, making them? We part in a “sort of like hey I should be getting your contact details, but no, it will look embarrassing to do that, ‘cos of all theese other people, and they’ll think it’s a pick-up” manner.

The next day, I am in Pep stores, Villiersdorp (don’t ask, on both counts). I get this sensation that I haven’t seen Sasha for a long time. Then, what do you know, he calls! Weird. Even weirder: Ginny tells me there was a freak incident in Amsterdam where some nut had rammed his car into a crowd of people watching the royal family. But I had had a dream like that 2 nights before. It was at a car rally, and the car slammed into the crowd.

Coincidence, right? Then consider this: the next week, I see George Ellis in the Riverside Mall. What are the chances? Later on, I see Peter Dunsby at Chippies. Far out, man: two cosmologists in one day! Hasn’t happened to me for ten years.

Then there were some other incidents I cannot recall at present that made May a memorable month. Is there ESP in the air??


A Man goes shopping for shoes

May 15, 2009

I approach the shop with my boys. They go running around, doing the weights, the basketball, the golf.

I sneak to the shoe section. I admire the display. Sniff the fragrant aroma of new shoes. I think of all the lost years. Ah, squash shoes…

Normally I would have gone for the cheap (R299) Prince or Hi-Tec. But, I say I have a bad back, and look further up the rack (it seems to increase with price, except for the really smart balck Hi-Tecs). A smooth talking Adidas, white with blue trimmings, catches my eye. Comfort rating ****. It’s spongier than the cheapies. I drool.

I have done my reconnaisance. I have circled the prey. It’s time to move on. Don’t let them know that you want to buy.  Who knows? they might be considering a sale:). Next week: the wife comes with.

This was just the first trip…

Back to back: basics. Skiers beware!

May 11, 2009

Goto for the pics.

My back has been giving me problems since late-2007. I tried massage therapy, physio (with needles stuck in), pilates. Some relief, but on-going problems when I sat down. In my line of work, that is bad.

Eventually, last month I went to see Mark Preyser, a chiropractor. He ‘aligned’ me with some crunching. It turns out that my left hip had started tilting backwards, and my right hip had rolled forward to compensate. This must have caused my back discomfort especially when I sat. I used to get a numbness in my butt, especially on the left side, when I drove for longer than 30 minutes. I had no idea what had caused it, thinking recently that it must be ‘Sitting Disease’, which I read about in a bicycling magazine.

But listening to Mark talk about how injured his back, I got to thinking that I probably injured myself while trying to ski in Söldern, Austria in 2007.   I remember several occassion with my legs over my head while tripping on the kiddie slopes:).  He says it sometimes doesn’t hurt straight away, but only shows up later in a different guise. I was having too much fun probably to notice any pain.

Recently a famous actress died after a skiiing accident which seemed at first to be slight. So, I guess, falling on snow is dangerous, even with my fat African ass:)

My beard makes me feel more like a woman…

May 8, 2009

I get out the shower nowadays, and i don’t know what to do with myself. All that grooming time is no longer necessary.

It’s a bit like the empty nest syndrome I felt to some extent last year with Noah and Jody both at school.

Now it’s only about ten minutes of free time, I guess, but it is still a void. I guess it’s more like a full nest syndrome since my beard is a possible home for birds. Very small birds…

White moths, black butterflies

April 30, 2009

No, this is not a comment on the new south africa, but a record of what has passed this past week: walking up to Rhodes Memorial with Noah on Monday, we saw hundreds of black butterflies on the lower slopes, just as you enter the turnstile after the bridge. The white moths we saw at home, the first one one the white exterior wall, then the other inside a day or two later, and finally they found each other and settled outside.

Also, Chelsea left last week. I wonder if she’ll be back?

Jesse is hhere as compensation. She’s the only one who gives me affection:)

I touched Matt Damon in the toilet

March 19, 2009

It happened on Tuesday night, when i joined Deon and Gregor for a drink at Mitchell’s Brewery at the Waterfront. Matt was there with Clint Eastwood. The rest of the crowd was doing kareoke (is that how you spell it?). It was St. Patrick’s day with free t-shirts and hats.

Our touch was accidental and slight. I couldn’t take it further because there was the large shape of a bodyguard blotting out the doorway:)

The whole point of being rich: being treated like a child again.

December 1, 2008

Me and the missus went to the Arabella Sheraton, Hermanus this weekend. We were upgraded to the penthouse suite (‘best available room’, as befits a platinum member of the Starwood Preferred Guest program – see ).

The children weren’t there, we had huge breakfasts, stunning views, our room cleaned, beach-walks, room-service etc., in fact all those things about hotel living I had taken for granted in Stuttgart (except the beach, of course).  But this time, I figured that that the pampering, which the missus noticed more than I did (this being her first time) was like being mothered, making us feel like kids again. And the way to access it is by booking into a five-star hotel now and again. It was great.

On the rape of justice cartoon

September 9, 2008

If our rape statistics are to be believed, this crime is not an uncommon event in our country.

So why the fuss over Zapiro’s cartoon? I guess I was shocked because I had never seen a rape enacted in print. It also felt much more real than other cartoons that he has drawn. It is a new era for him.

And for us.

Terminal Boardom – In dubious Honour of the new Heathrow Terminal 1

August 29, 2008

Ah! Terminal 1
What have they done?
To 2, and you?
There isn’t much to do.
When there’s nothing to be done.

But when it’s tripping off your tongue.
And out,
Onto the runway,
and going far,
far away…

From you?

My word! (das Kugelstoßen) I’m going all German…

August 14, 2008

Last night I read the paper for the times of the Olympic highlights. I came across this field event: das Kugelstoßen, which I immediately (innately) knew and pictured. By elimination of the other events (speerwerfen, hammerwurf, diskus), it was also obvious. But for the life of me, I could not figure out what the English word was!

It must have been an hour before I came to ‘shotput’.

Am I being Deutschified?