About The1Rod

You have stumbled upon the musings of The1Rod, a.k.a. Rod The Father. Being, as he is, Rodney Morgan, father of two, son of another two. Ah! ye days of yore. Yonder Rod, wander. In time and space, our comfort – our cold, cold comfort. Till we come to this. Whereupon we shall pronounce our wisdom.

14 May 2008: Here I am folks:



3 Responses to “About The1Rod”

  1. Richard Springer Says:

    Hey, I have a number of ambissions with the posting of this comment. Firstly to validate my existence by having contributed to the1rod blog. I post on the1rod blog therefore I am. I also think and all of that which probably goes a long way to validate me but it is nothing compared to being on here. Secondly, thirdly and how ever many numbers there after I want to show you the best things I have found on the internet in the last little while.

    The best new singer and his best songs – David Ford from England. Watch these music videos. I saw him live before he signed a recording deal and he was unbelievable. His song ‘State of the Union’ blew me away. The music video does it justice in that it is a one camera, one take video with no editing. He plays a range of instruments and loops them in one after the other. Brilliant

    Links –
    ‘State of the Union’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv4QBRS-U50
    ‘I don’t care what you call me’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ_6m8H1iPM

    Next I managed to stumble on a guy named Theo Jansen and the whole field of Kinetic Art. You might recognise this advert for BMW –

    Have a look at his web site and his strandbeest. Very cool inventions. Great art


    Also have a look at this along the same lines.

    And some cool sites –

    This is a cheat because it is my brothers site who is an artist. Biased I know but I think it is cool –

    Finally, this guy, Danny Wallace, is fantastic. I highly suggest you read his book ‘The Yes Man’. Hillarious. The site below is where he has tried to start his own country. He’s also started his own cult by accident and written about it. Generally eccentric but a load of fun.


    Ok, thats me for now. You have sucked all the good things out of me. I do however feel like ‘I am’.

  2. the1rod Says:

    Hey! Richard. My Main Man. Jy is ‘n doring. On my tombstone they will say: ‘He knew Richard Springer.” Not in the Biblical sense, of course.

    So watcha doin’, while I am single-handedley trying to save the world? Or should that rather read single-handedley trying to sail the world? Whatever, it is all going swimmingly here.

  3. Acetone Says:

    good story

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