What kind of a Tooth Fairy leaves chocolate?

Noah is getting suspicious of tooth fairies and father christmas and such like. I throw in Jesus just to confuse him a bit when he says those other guys are not real.

But he was in two minds this morning because he woke up in the night and found a ten rand note and a Sweetie Pie chocolate at his bedside table. What kind of a tooth fairy leaves chocolate?! And this morning there was a lollipop too. Mmmmmm…

Keep them guessing, I say. He said, at breakfast: “I woke up in the night, it must have been half past twelve…” hee hee “…and I don’t know who it could have been, because I would have heard them coming up the stairs.” Suspicions abound. “It couldn’t have been Vuyo…”


One Response to “What kind of a Tooth Fairy leaves chocolate?”

  1. Freeboot Says:

    Q: What kind of tooth fairy would leave chocolate?
    A: A rationally self-interested one. It’s an investment in future supply. The fairyfolk always knew that the money was going to fund sweeties, but what with inflation and MixIt fees and small children getting abducted in shopping malls they’ve had to be a little more direct. Or brazen, if you like.

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