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What kind of a Tooth Fairy leaves chocolate?

September 17, 2009

Noah is getting suspicious of tooth fairies and father christmas and such like. I throw in Jesus just to confuse him a bit when he says those other guys are not real.

But he was in two minds this morning because he woke up in the night and found a ten rand note and a Sweetie Pie chocolate at his bedside table. What kind of a tooth fairy leaves chocolate?! And this morning there was a lollipop too. Mmmmmm…

Keep them guessing, I say. He said, at breakfast: “I woke up in the night, it must have been half past twelve…” hee hee “…and I don’t know who it could have been, because I would have heard them coming up the stairs.” Suspicions abound. “It couldn’t have been Vuyo…”