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So that was the merry, merry month of May…

June 1, 2009

It all started on the 1st of May (where, or rather when else, could it possibly:)? I had a strange incident at the Pinelands Central Square Standard Bank ATM. An older gent was ahead of me in the queue, and a woman was at the machine, seemingly struggling with the card. I thought, Oh no, not another scam, since that machine is well known as a hack site. Anyhows, the woman eventually turned to us and said in a slight French accent, ‘The machine has eaten my money’, or something like that. (You can tell it’s getting a bit vaue now, right, with all these ‘anyhow’s and  ‘something like that’s?)

So I get involved. Seems she genuinely does have a problem. A one-hundred rand note is stuck. I tell her to stand back (you can’t take chances with anyone at the machine), and insert my card. I withdraw R40, and the R100 note almosts comes out. It seems impossible. I tell her to scratch in her handbag for something to grip with, women always have useful things in there. She laughs, and pulls a  hair clip from her head. We stand there nit-picking the machine, adn eventually she gives final, conclusive tug. It’s out!

When I look more closely at her, she looks like Eliane! French accent and all, is there a factory up there, making them? We part in a “sort of like hey I should be getting your contact details, but no, it will look embarrassing to do that, ‘cos of all theese other people, and they’ll think it’s a pick-up” manner.

The next day, I am in Pep stores, Villiersdorp (don’t ask, on both counts). I get this sensation that I haven’t seen Sasha for a long time. Then, what do you know, he calls! Weird. Even weirder: Ginny tells me there was a freak incident in Amsterdam where some nut had rammed his car into a crowd of people watching the royal family. But I had had a dream like that 2 nights before. It was at a car rally, and the car slammed into the crowd.

Coincidence, right? Then consider this: the next week, I see George Ellis in the Riverside Mall. What are the chances? Later on, I see Peter Dunsby at Chippies. Far out, man: two cosmologists in one day! Hasn’t happened to me for ten years.

Then there were some other incidents I cannot recall at present that made May a memorable month. Is there ESP in the air??