Back to back: basics. Skiers beware!

Goto for the pics.

My back has been giving me problems since late-2007. I tried massage therapy, physio (with needles stuck in), pilates. Some relief, but on-going problems when I sat down. In my line of work, that is bad.

Eventually, last month I went to see Mark Preyser, a chiropractor. He ‘aligned’ me with some crunching. It turns out that my left hip had started tilting backwards, and my right hip had rolled forward to compensate. This must have caused my back discomfort especially when I sat. I used to get a numbness in my butt, especially on the left side, when I drove for longer than 30 minutes. I had no idea what had caused it, thinking recently that it must be ‘Sitting Disease’, which I read about in a bicycling magazine.

But listening to Mark talk about how injured his back, I got to thinking that I probably injured myself while trying to ski in Söldern, Austria in 2007.   I remember several occassion with my legs over my head while tripping on the kiddie slopes:).  He says it sometimes doesn’t hurt straight away, but only shows up later in a different guise. I was having too much fun probably to notice any pain.

Recently a famous actress died after a skiiing accident which seemed at first to be slight. So, I guess, falling on snow is dangerous, even with my fat African ass:)


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