My Beautiful Launderette

Today was an adventure.

Here in Germany, everything is actually an adventure for me

You know the movie “My Beautiful Laundrette’? Well, this is how mine went: My colleague tells me about this place, where you can do your OWN laundry. So, I goes.
Put my money in. Pressed for the soap. Nothing. Sweated over the insructions (in German!): don’t put the powder in the detergent box. Ok, but where is my &%$#* powder?
“Entchuldigung” I say to the nearest victim.
“…Ach ja. Alles klar.” Then he proceeds to demonstrate the advanced aspects of automated laundry. Like closing the door. (You see, I normally get the hotel to do it, but at 40 euros for a few shirts , they were getting expensive!)
Then the powder button works. “Ach so, vielen dank”, I say. I could have kissed him, he was so cute

If another man says to me ‘Press the ‘Delicates’ button”, I don’t know what I’ll do. hee hee

I met Carolyne and we lay and tanned (in a French accent) on the Schlosplatz lawns, after some  Häagen Daz ice cream . But it was too humid. So we headed to the Biergarten in the park opposite the hotel. It was full of people. Not as full as Konigstrasse was yesterday, of course.

I had Hahn und kartoffel and a weisbier.

Then I walked Carolyn home. It was only to get more ice-cream. But that made me a little bit sick actually.


2 Responses to “My Beautiful Launderette”

  1. jesseybean Says:

    So nice that he helped out. I wish I knew a little German so I could understand more. 😉

  2. the1rod Says:

    A little German doesn’t exist:)
    I am 6ft, not too shabby, but there was one guy from the office next door who made me look at the ciling when I came in.
    Then when I went to lunch at the canteen the other day, I bent down slightly to pick up a tray. I found myself looking at someone’s arse! I mean a man’s one this time, at eye level:)

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