Undercover German guardtjies

Leaving work tonight, I waited with Caroline for die Zug. There was a group of four people sitting. They laughed, ad we commented that they were happy that it was the weekend, ust like Caroline who was depressed in teh week, mainly, i think because she is a French girl, and only eats on meal a day,  but primarily because she is going to see her new German boyfriend this weekend. now where was I? Oh, right, we got on the train, and had our usual fun with the train lady voice: ‘Bitte Umsteigen and ‘Peregrine Strasse’ are our favourites.

Anyways, to my great surprise, at the next station the group of four people that we saw sitting at our stop suddenly move into our carriage and start asking for tickets. Was it a hold-up? No, they were undercover ticket conductors. Imagine that, hey! Fortunately, we had bought tickets and had stamped them on the train. What will happen next, I wonder?


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