John Scott was very funny this morning

He managed to tangle together fertiliser, Eskom and some other issues, resulting in the memorable concept of ‘personal load shedding’!

I happened to read his column while sipping my cafe latte at Mimi’s in Obs, which has been my daily stopover this week on the way to work. Not deliberately, except for Monday. Yesterday Ginny called me because she had some free time. This morning I took my car in (the water pump is buggered, and I had an interesting time negotiating the car home last night, cajoling it, cursing it, until even the steering stiffened – this is because water started seeping onto the belt tht fed the power steering too). So my mechanic gave me a lift into Mowbray for a meeting which didn’t happen because the other participant was sick, so I walked into Obs and had my drink, before taking the bus to the office in Woostock.

Interesting times, huh?


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