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Fit to work

April 30, 2008

Well, I started a project recently, after a long hiatus, and it has worn me out. I guess one has to be work fit, as well as physically fit.

After 7p.m. I fall asleep playing chess with Noah, or on the couch while Jody is playing. And my body training has gone out of the window.


Moments are Eternal

April 19, 2008

Have I written this before? A moment should not be confused with an instant in time. Rather, a moment can be the beginning of an extended period.

What occurs in the brain, of course, is a memory of that moment. This is the beginning of the extension.

Honesty is like Tax

April 10, 2008

You see, you just gotta give some now and again to the appropriate parties. Just keep the large stash hidden away in the cupboard. Everyone has things in their cupboard, right?

Readers, Digest this: Squash ain’t basketball!

April 5, 2008

For one thing, the balls are of totally different dimensions.

Secondly, the is no glamour in the game of squash, to put it bluntly. Hence the young people of today are not as attracted to it, as they are to sports such as basketball and the like, for example tennis, foottie and so on, etc, ad infinitum. Hence, we come to the conclusion that squash is headed the way of Reader’s Digest: an ageing audience that will die out with the product.

All this was brought upon me after a game with Ganesh on the weekend during which he mentioned that the top league players in the Western Cape are all in their forties. So, did squash have its heyday in the eighties, when those people were in their twenties? Modulo || ?

The days of the Khans, Hunt, Barrington. Heck, I have no idea who the current world No.1 is.