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Greening to the Red School

January 29, 2008

So Noah goes to Pinelands North Primary School, known as the Red School, due to it’s uniform colour. Anyways, I have been taking him on the bicycle. Cool, huh? It’s just three minutes away.

On Saturday, we attended the sports day. Noah ran his race with such a broad smile. I’ll always remember it. He does not seem to have fully developed that competitive streak. He even waited during the fun relay race for the other kid to catch up before he took off!

And Jody ran as well. Finished ‘last’. We made a special thing about finishing last. Well, he probably had the shortest legs there, you know.


This is what the Universe was created for.

January 8, 2008

Speaking about the latest planetary find, a jupiter-like gas giant, 1 000 light years away, Andrew Collier Cameron of the SuperWasp consortium is quoted in the Mail&Guardian: “It would float, if you could only find a bath big enough.”

And that is exactly what the Universe is made for, to float these huge balls of fire.

Theres more crumbs in the packet, neh neh!

January 7, 2008

That was Noah this morning in response to Jody getting the last biscuit from the packet, and he settling for the leftovers. It typifies the boy. He is ‘n bittereinde, like in the Anglo-Boer War. A regular de La Rey!

Anyway, Scarborough was a delight this weekend. Strong winds did not prevail. We also made a trip to Cape Point Densely populated with tourists around there. To the boys’ obvious pleasure, we rode up the fenicular (Didn’t know there was one.) to the lighthouse.  I had been in the restaurant before, expansively drunk on the eve of the new millenium, but did not notice anything else. 

Breathtaking views. Rocky promontories, and unspoilt beaches. It is indeed, The Fairest Cape, in all the world.