A Cure for Consulting

Now remember this for future ventures.

When the brain is tired from working for 12-14 hours three or four or five days in a row, but it cannot rest because the whirring continues, then the following cure may come in handy: goto Bravo Charlie, or a similar establishment. Drink several beers. Dance.

My feeling is that this switches brain hemispheres, somehow.  I’ve known it, but really felt it yesterday, especially after the mental sloping. I have also mentioned the establishment elsewhere (https://the1rod.wordpress.com/2007/09/09/day-clubbing-in-deutschland/). Even though one feels tired, it is possible to feel rejuvenated by doing this brain switching.

Now, is it possible to avoid sleep in this way? Perhaps not entirely, but it helps to explain why I sometimes feel less tired after being out till the early hours than if I had gone to bed after working hard.

Know your mind. Know your brain.

I finished my last day of work here in Germany today. I do not know when I will return.  Tomorrow I undergo climate change when I fly from winter to summer in 1 day!

Auf wiedersien iAfrika! iDeutschland ich bedeuten. Bis später.


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