The Comfort of Foods

Lately I have experienced, or rather, recognised, the comforting power of certain foods. When I am under emotional duress / distress, I notice that it normally affects me in the morning (sometimes as soon as i wake up), and early afternoon. Perhaps this is because I take time to warm up and get into the swing of things at work, etc. However, this week I noticed that if I kept my body nutrified, then things did not bother me so much. Perhaps this is a psychological trick, but it works.

I noticed in particular the effect of sugars. A previous posting gave a fictional account of the effect:

But I think I have found a way to counter the mind’s negative emotions – eat sensibly. Of course, one should not overindulge. This is not just an optimisation of content, but also of timing. We should know what to eat, and just as importantly, when to eat it.

The dieticians recommend that we eat simple carbohydrates early in the day anyway. So my intuition confirms this and also goes beyond the general into the personal. The sugars probably release serotonin. Later in the day, one should exercise to release endorphins to keep you going. Then also have a small midnight snack (wamr milk and cookies?) to keep the bad dreams away.

On a related note, yesterday I could not decide on the lunch I wanted to take. So, as in most cases when faced with a major decision, I did not decide, and took both, instead. See the pic below.

Finally, last night I went running in the dark through a small, deserted forest. I wondered what I had feared as a child in the dark. I thought about what JFK had said: The only thing to fear is fear itself. What I had feared as a child was in my mind. Now also, what I fear is in my mind.



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