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Knock, knock

October 16, 2007

Who’s there?


Warren who?

Warren Peace by Leo Talksbye.

This was told to me by my (newly) 6 year old son, Noah. What a party we had on Saturday, huh? And the drama the whole of Sunday recovering from it. I’m glad I delayed my trip to Germany till next Sunday.



October 2, 2007

I am writing about the song by The Beatles, and the day made by me and my boys. We went to Clifton 4th Beach. On the way we listened to that great CD containing at least 4 major songs: ‘Help!’, ‘You got to hide your love away’, ‘Ticket to ride’ and ‘Yesterday’. At the end of the last song, Noah said it was lovely music. That forms a great connection between father and sons.  

I am a recent Beatles fan (2-3 years). The theory I have formed recently with Ben’s help is that pop music today enjoyed by teenagers will be appreciated at a later age in succeeding generations. So, Michael Jackson will be ‘discovered’ by 30+ year olds in 2045, just as the Beatles and 60s music is being redicovered by 30+ people today. Does that make sense? There is a mathematical relation in there somewhere.