A new word for the English language

While in Germany, someone asked me, being a native English speaker (and a native:) for a word describing the situation when a magician makes a rabbit pop out of his hat, or causes something to disappear. Apparently, German has such a word. It was in the context of a car maker revealing it’s new vehcile. The best I could think of was ‘unfurl’, or ‘reveal’, or ‘the magician makes the rabbit pop out of the hat’. But the latter is not really a word, issit? And the others don’t quite capture the intent, do they?

So, I thought a more appropriate term when wanting to describe an an anologue to the magician making a rabbit pop out of his hat is: to ‘Geller’ it. Named after Uri Geller (is he even a magician?). Or to ‘Copperfield’ or ‘Blaine’ it. Get the idea?


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