Day Clubbing in Deutschland

I was chatting to a couple of colleagues here in Stutgart during last week about the apparent laid back nature of the scene where we work. I coined the term `day club´ to refer to this phenomenon: folks enjoying the lunchtime, chatting and laughing; the canteen/restaurant like a giant pick-up joint; people jostling for the best places to view the passing parade. The locals call it Bad-Möhringen, in reference to it´s spa like qualities.

This effect did not extend to us consultants this week. It was really heavy going. My brain was frazzled after what must have been 70+ hours of work. It´s Sunday, and I´m still recovering after two good night´s sleep and a Saturday afternoon nap. I guess that de-stressing session at Bravo Charlie on Thursday night didn´t exactly help (me and Ralf ´Agostini´ Küfner got there after work at about 23h00 and left at 01h30). But it was a great way to unwind. I checked it out briefly again last night, but it seems to only come to life on Thursdays or maybe I was there too early.

Meanwhile I am reallly missing my family back home. It ws a real roller coaster emotionally. As for this week Sie werden warten mussen, as they say here. Tjoos.


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