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My little son was three today

September 29, 2007

bounced him on my knee today…

Jody, light of the world.


Some ideas off the top of my head

September 25, 2007

Will these seem worthwhile pursuing in the clear light of day?

1. A pocket on a surfbaord to hold your keys, etc. A surfboard has a fin already, so an extra protuberance shouldn’t be too much hassle. It can be on top of the board at the back.

2. An outsourcing of the hassle of moving house. What irritating things about moving can be handed over for a fee? What checklist can be compiled? Sort of like a wedding planner idea. (Michael, are you making that list?)

A new word for the English language

September 21, 2007

While in Germany, someone asked me, being a native English speaker (and a native:) for a word describing the situation when a magician makes a rabbit pop out of his hat, or causes something to disappear. Apparently, German has such a word. It was in the context of a car maker revealing it’s new vehcile. The best I could think of was ‘unfurl’, or ‘reveal’, or ‘the magician makes the rabbit pop out of the hat’. But the latter is not really a word, issit? And the others don’t quite capture the intent, do they?

So, I thought a more appropriate term when wanting to describe an an anologue to the magician making a rabbit pop out of his hat is: to ‘Geller’ it. Named after Uri Geller (is he even a magician?). Or to ‘Copperfield’ or ‘Blaine’ it. Get the idea?

Day Clubbing in Deutschland

September 9, 2007

I was chatting to a couple of colleagues here in Stutgart during last week about the apparent laid back nature of the scene where we work. I coined the term `day club´ to refer to this phenomenon: folks enjoying the lunchtime, chatting and laughing; the canteen/restaurant like a giant pick-up joint; people jostling for the best places to view the passing parade. The locals call it Bad-Möhringen, in reference to it´s spa like qualities.

This effect did not extend to us consultants this week. It was really heavy going. My brain was frazzled after what must have been 70+ hours of work. It´s Sunday, and I´m still recovering after two good night´s sleep and a Saturday afternoon nap. I guess that de-stressing session at Bravo Charlie on Thursday night didn´t exactly help (me and Ralf ´Agostini´ Küfner got there after work at about 23h00 and left at 01h30). But it was a great way to unwind. I checked it out briefly again last night, but it seems to only come to life on Thursdays or maybe I was there too early.

Meanwhile I am reallly missing my family back home. It ws a real roller coaster emotionally. As for this week Sie werden warten mussen, as they say here. Tjoos.