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Bond Voyage!

August 29, 2007

Well, here I am. Back in the not exactly USSR, but close. Stuttgart, USA, practically, since the Kelley Barracks are just down the road.

As they say, home is where the heart is. But Europe is where the money is. Therefore, I am. Here.

At the end of a (South African)  couple more trips like this, I should be able to bid the bond farewell.

Wish you were here, whoever you are:)


Out of Lion’s Head’s Head

August 16, 2007

A striking response – Cape Town’s rainbow reply to my previous report on the countryside rainbow. As taken from various angles from my vehicle as we mounted the M5 northbound before the N1 interchange. Look close now!



In Rod’s Country

August 14, 2007

On the weekend, we went out to the countryside, to Villiersdorp, past Grabouw. The weather was wet, just like Cape Town. However, the clouds were different. They were snow clouds, I suppose. I am trying to read a meterology book to tell my stratus from my nimbus, but my potty period is too short.

Anyway, I was amazed by the rainbow that I saw. What a phenomenon, hey! I felt like I was a different planet, Tellytubby Land perhaps. It formed a low arc in the sky, perhaps that is why it seemed so peculiar. I nearly bumped by head on it. Here it is, below:


Getting my eye in

August 8, 2007

Normally I say this when I am warming up for squash. The muscles and the eyes have to be ready.

Recently, however, I have literally been getting my eye in by means of contact lenses.  For some strange reason, the first eye, left or right, always go in faster than the last one. Perhaps it is because I already have one eye in?

This morning, the left eye went in quickly, while I struggled for what must have been fifteen minutes with the other one.

That’s not me in the corner…

August 1, 2007

That’s two boys waiting for their packets of Ghost Pops.