Remember this day!

For becoming Human from being a Man. Or something like that. I hope this means something to someone some day.

I do not mean today. This blog should have been posted some weeks ago already. I think it relates to lettings things go, allowing them to happen, instead of holding on to them, perhaps possessing them. It hurt’s, don’t it, the transformation?

I have discovered that I need to make things ‘real’ (you could say I am disconnected a lot of the time, but in a good way, hopefully). A movie did this for me, for example: it was ‘Final Cuts’, starring Robin Williams, about a guy who makes memory tapes from head implants of a deceased person for their funeral (can it really be ‘their’ funeral, since they are no longer in the world of possessions? It really is a funeral for them). It could also have been any othre film, me thinks. Yesterday I watched Donnie Darko (missing the punchline after watching for 2 hours), starring that guy from Brokeback Mountain. Similar sort of effect.

I remember after Noah was born, how it was so wrenching to watch a movie with a father and son. I remember in particular one starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage, about a father and son who switch bodies. It was meant to be a comedy, but I cried:)

So, remember this day, and remember this way…of making it real!


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