Convenience doesn’t get better than this

So I wanted to gym on Tuesday. But I couldn’t very well do that in my undershorts could I, seeing as how I frantically spent a fruitless fifteen minutes trying to find my tracksuit pants that morning. Now Sportsman’s Warehouse is just up the road along the way to the gym, literally 128 metres away. So I popped in there hoping to find a cheap pair of pants. But no such luck: there are only designer brands, in the price range R250 – R299 per pair.

I baulked. I thought of going over the road to Tygervalley Shopping Centre, but I couldn’t think of any shop that might have had cheap tracksuit pants. Besides, I didn’t want to spend any more time than was necessary getting ready. On my way to the exit, a thought struck me, and I inquired at the reception about the shop’s refunds/returns policy. It turns out that you only have to bring the item back with the till slip.

So what did I do? Yup, you guessed it. I ‘borrowed’ a pair of Nike tracksuit pants for only R299 (R300,15 includign the bag). When I returned it later they looked it over, saw nothing wrong with it, and gave me back R299 (I kept the plastic bag). I had not even taken off the label. So, thank you, Sportsman’s Warehouse. You were there when I really needed you.

I wonder if I could borrow that R1 300 Wilson squash racquet for a quick game…?


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