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Remember this day!

July 31, 2007

For becoming Human from being a Man. Or something like that. I hope this means something to someone some day.

I do not mean today. This blog should have been posted some weeks ago already. I think it relates to lettings things go, allowing them to happen, instead of holding on to them, perhaps possessing them. It hurt’s, don’t it, the transformation?

I have discovered that I need to make things ‘real’ (you could say I am disconnected a lot of the time, but in a good way, hopefully). A movie did this for me, for example: it was ‘Final Cuts’, starring Robin Williams, about a guy who makes memory tapes from head implants of a deceased person for their funeral (can it really be ‘their’ funeral, since they are no longer in the world of possessions? It really is a funeral for them). It could also have been any othre film, me thinks. Yesterday I watched Donnie Darko (missing the punchline after watching for 2 hours), starring that guy from Brokeback Mountain. Similar sort of effect.

I remember after Noah was born, how it was so wrenching to watch a movie with a father and son. I remember in particular one starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage, about a father and son who switch bodies. It was meant to be a comedy, but I cried:)

So, remember this day, and remember this way…of making it real!


Romancing my lover in Cape Town

July 25, 2007

The weather was miserable, ideal for snuggling up. We met for lunch. A great romantic spot: Rhodes Memorial Restaurant. It is really cosy inside, very different to the summer atmosphere: with the fire, and great food, rain tapping at the windows. Mmmmm…

All we needed was a little hotel next door.

Convenience doesn’t get better than this

July 19, 2007

So I wanted to gym on Tuesday. But I couldn’t very well do that in my undershorts could I, seeing as how I frantically spent a fruitless fifteen minutes trying to find my tracksuit pants that morning. Now Sportsman’s Warehouse is just up the road along the way to the gym, literally 128 metres away. So I popped in there hoping to find a cheap pair of pants. But no such luck: there are only designer brands, in the price range R250 – R299 per pair.

I baulked. I thought of going over the road to Tygervalley Shopping Centre, but I couldn’t think of any shop that might have had cheap tracksuit pants. Besides, I didn’t want to spend any more time than was necessary getting ready. On my way to the exit, a thought struck me, and I inquired at the reception about the shop’s refunds/returns policy. It turns out that you only have to bring the item back with the till slip.

So what did I do? Yup, you guessed it. I ‘borrowed’ a pair of Nike tracksuit pants for only R299 (R300,15 includign the bag). When I returned it later they looked it over, saw nothing wrong with it, and gave me back R299 (I kept the plastic bag). I had not even taken off the label. So, thank you, Sportsman’s Warehouse. You were there when I really needed you.

I wonder if I could borrow that R1 300 Wilson squash racquet for a quick game…?