The ‘Black Curse’ of Africa is not skin colour but something cruder.

Yeah, brothers I speak of the devil itself, which rises from the bowels of the earth to destroy our people, to lay waste to our efforts, to mock our Ubuntu. The devil, indeed, moves in mysterious ways. From the very bowels, I say, the very bowels, it comes to the wretched of the earth. And it spreads among them greed and lust. It speaks evil to their hearts. It makes them ache for power. Do not embrace it, my brothers. For it is not of us, it is not for us. For how long will our people dig, sweat, and die, or kill; only to give to others the meat off the bones?

Send it back, I say! Send it back before it is too late. Before it runs through your hands mixed with the blood of your brothers. It is a curse. It is crude. It is Oil!

“Ghanaians were on Tuesday torn between excitement and apprehension over a major oil find in the West African nation…”



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