The Mother of All Cities

So I landed back at CTI Airport on Thursday morning. I managed to sleep well, mainly due to the fact that I had the entire middle row of seats all to myself, so I could luxuriously stretch out. The woman who booked me in was entirely to blame. She also help me shove all my stuff into one bag for hand luggage. Maybe it’s because I looked so haggard that she helped me, but she did also offer to let me stay with her next time…Anyway, I told her I would tell my mother how kind she was, and I haven’t done that yet, whoops! Neither have I sent  the flowers that I promised to the Home Afaairs contact!

We are feeling a little bit restless, I suppose an after effect of the trip. I miss the tightness, perhaps even togetherness, of the city living in Europe. The ease of transport and feeling of safety (although, as a South Effrikan, I was always looking over my shoulder: I was nearly cornered in a dark park in Stuttgart by a couple of guys, but it turns out they wanted to frisk me for other reasons). I also keep wanting to make the @ sign with Ctrl-Alt like on the German keyboard. And I have to restrain myself from saying ‘Bitte’ every time I ask for something.

So, I am back. Thanks to all the good folks who looked after me in Europe, and those special people who looked after the folks back home while I was away.

Incidentally, while I was in Stuttgart, my client sold off its loss-making American division, and VfB Stuttgart won the Bundesliga. I’m not saying it’s all due to me, but…


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