Something Rodden in the State of Denmark

Yup! that was me on the weekend, cycling around the capital.

How I got there was on a roundabout:
I intended to catch the Friday evening flight, but my German colleague dropped me off too late at the Stuttgart airport. This was after he promised to take me, instead of me just getting a taxi.
I had to book an alternative flight to Berlin, but this plane was delayed.
So I missed the pre-booked flight to Copenhagen from Berlin. Is that all? No, when I eventually got to Berlin, I landed at Tegel Airport, and had to go to Schonefeld Airport. When I got too late to Schonefeld, they told me there was a flight taking off from, guess where? TEGEL!
So I ended up staying at the Airport Hotel for the night, making the (economically) brave
decision to travel to Copenhagen in the morning. What a pleasure it was. I practically kissed the ground on arrival.
Ben showed me around all the haunts. He told me that I had missed my party the night before. I felt like choking the man who dropped me off late. He is sitting right beside me. If I don’t write here again, you’ll know what happened.


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