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The Copenhagen Interpretation

May 31, 2007

While I was in Copenhagen I learned that Hans Oersted was Danish, and he has a whole park named after him that I visited. I couldn’t remember exactly or figure out his right-hand rule on the spot, even though his statue had his fingers pointing the way.  He was later followed by Nils Bohr as a Danish giant of physics. I didn’t stumble across any homage to him. But I am looking forward to re-visiting this magnificent city. The Copenhagen Interpretation is attributed to Bohr as the prevailing philosophy of quantum mechanics.

You could say I am keen to explore the Copenhagen Interpretation of Life:)

Here is further good news:

Global Peace Index, published a week before a Group of Eight summit in Germany, rates 121 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe on 24 factors including levels of violence, organised crime and military expenditure

Top 10 (most peaceful)
1. Norway
2. New Zealand
3. Denmark
4. Ireland
5. Japan
6. Finland
7. Sweden
8. Canada
9. Portugal
10. Austria 


The pen is messier than the sword

May 30, 2007

You see the stain on my nice soft pink shirt? Luckily it is winter, as I have to wear a jersey / jumper over it. The stain comes from some pen. I would have preferred to shed blood, as that washes out more easily. Is that because blood is thicker than water?

So whoopee! the Mighty Pen…

Did Bismarck ever say that the great questions of the day… will be solved by pen and paper.


Latest happenings in Cape Town / Kapstadt

May 29, 2007

Jody the Alien has landed:


Jody and Noah at the museum:


Jody and Noah (obscured) at (foreground) Yuri’s party:


the1rod in the kitchen:


ginsyn in the same kitchen:


The Mother of All Cities

May 22, 2007

So I landed back at CTI Airport on Thursday morning. I managed to sleep well, mainly due to the fact that I had the entire middle row of seats all to myself, so I could luxuriously stretch out. The woman who booked me in was entirely to blame. She also help me shove all my stuff into one bag for hand luggage. Maybe it’s because I looked so haggard that she helped me, but she did also offer to let me stay with her next time…Anyway, I told her I would tell my mother how kind she was, and I haven’t done that yet, whoops! Neither have I sent  the flowers that I promised to the Home Afaairs contact!

We are feeling a little bit restless, I suppose an after effect of the trip. I miss the tightness, perhaps even togetherness, of the city living in Europe. The ease of transport and feeling of safety (although, as a South Effrikan, I was always looking over my shoulder: I was nearly cornered in a dark park in Stuttgart by a couple of guys, but it turns out they wanted to frisk me for other reasons). I also keep wanting to make the @ sign with Ctrl-Alt like on the German keyboard. And I have to restrain myself from saying ‘Bitte’ every time I ask for something.

So, I am back. Thanks to all the good folks who looked after me in Europe, and those special people who looked after the folks back home while I was away.

Incidentally, while I was in Stuttgart, my client sold off its loss-making American division, and VfB Stuttgart won the Bundesliga. I’m not saying it’s all due to me, but…

pics of me copping it in Copenhagen

May 16, 2007


kindly supplied by me brother in life, Benjy on-the-Brink Allsopp.

London is cold

May 16, 2007

So, I didn’t choke the guy, but I did get him back: I (accidentally?) planted a bug in the one of the solutions, that he spent all day yesterday trying to understand. Then just before we left, I corrected it. Apparently, he was swearing in German at me! Serves him right, huh?

We went for supper at Oggi’s – for some reason the guys refer to this as Orgy’s – in Stuttgart Central. Then it was the usual drinking and clubbing. I got to bed at 04h00, had to up for the plane at 05h00. Caught it this time. I took a taxi! And now I am near Paddington Station, about to to do some last day shopping. If you want me to get you anything, it it too late.

Something Rodden in the State of Denmark

May 15, 2007

Yup! that was me on the weekend, cycling around the capital.

How I got there was on a roundabout:
I intended to catch the Friday evening flight, but my German colleague dropped me off too late at the Stuttgart airport. This was after he promised to take me, instead of me just getting a taxi.
I had to book an alternative flight to Berlin, but this plane was delayed.
So I missed the pre-booked flight to Copenhagen from Berlin. Is that all? No, when I eventually got to Berlin, I landed at Tegel Airport, and had to go to Schonefeld Airport. When I got too late to Schonefeld, they told me there was a flight taking off from, guess where? TEGEL!
So I ended up staying at the Airport Hotel for the night, making the (economically) brave
decision to travel to Copenhagen in the morning. What a pleasure it was. I practically kissed the ground on arrival.
Ben showed me around all the haunts. He told me that I had missed my party the night before. I felt like choking the man who dropped me off late. He is sitting right beside me. If I don’t write here again, you’ll know what happened.

Oktoberfest in May

May 11, 2007

After work yesterday, some of the team went to a giant beer tent on the other side of Stuttgart.

I remember the first two casks of beer. And some dancing in a coupla clubs after.

Who are these people?


Can we re-sell the World Cup(TM) ?

May 10, 2007

I mean, if we have rights to it in some way, surely we can have an auction? It will surely be more profitable to sell it off than to go through the whole costly business of building stadia, and the associated infrastructure.

You know who could buy it from us for billions of euros/dollars/pounds/yen, and still make a sizeable profit? You’ve guessed it. The Germans! They would love to have it. And it must surely be the case with these mega events that profits can only be made in those improbable instances where the venue is re-used fo the same event? Germany has it all: the desire, the stadia, the 200 million rich European fans only a trainride away.

I say let’s sell it to them.

My European Ties

May 8, 2007

I brought one tie on my trip, thinking that I would only need to wear it on the first day. But no, they wear suits and ties here every day, including Fridays. Excluding weekends and public holidays, of course.

Anyway, I then picked up a tie from my hosts; first in Wörth, then in Ipswich. Here they are in all their finery, in no particular order: “Dutch”, German and English.