It is well Wörth it: pig guts and sauerkraut

So how about this for a whacky coincidence, although I am not sure that is the correct word, but I´ll leave you to decide?

The project I am on here in Stuttgart is at the worldwide headquarters of a well-known vehicle manufacturer. I am specifically looking at the trucking division. After a week of analysis with no truck in sight, I went to visit our friends Henk and Ariane. Now I met Henk 12 years ago at an academic conference in Cape Town, and I remember him telling me about growing up in a small town, and also how he worked in the factory nearby after finishing high school. So imagine my surprise when we visit his small town and the trucks are made there, in Wörth!

This is something to contemplate, jah?

I drank a lot of beer, which is very gut here in Germany, jah. And on Sunday we went for lunch at the German wine route, where I ate pig gut and liver with wurst und kartoffel und sauerkraut. Incidentally, I found out that is where the term Kraut emanates from. We drove into France: no one is there to check passports anymore. The little towns in Alsace were very quiet.

For the last word (actually the last thousand words), here are Ariana and Audrey:



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