There must be a Rod

because here I am, in Stuttgart.

Two miracles in two days; First Miracle was getting my passport on Thursday of last week. This after it being ready on Tuesday, but then me not being smart and fast enough to stop my contact from taking it to the Post Office for delivery. I thought I was a goner. But luckily there was no need for a miracle at this stage, because it somehow landed up with SkyNet, the courier company that is less than a kilometre from my house. The Second Miracle was getting a visa by Friday of last week. The German embassy staff member was a bit shocked, but I explained it all away by saying that Home Affairs had only delivered that day. That seems to settle all arguments.

I am quite chuffed with my getting-things-done-ability. The first day at work here was also most productive, as I was able to solve the conceptual problem quite quickly, and one of the team members was able to produce a provisional solution by the end of the day. But that, as they say, is none of your business, Dear Reader.


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