Sugar Mountain High IX

All that summer I could think about only two things: Pedro, and The Rush, as he called it. I became addicted to both. We performed the ritual regularly with our group, mainly on the open field where we had first been. I also began to take it in private sessions with Pedro. Those were the most intense experiences of my life.

It felt as though my body was boiling, while I was able to shut out the pain at the same time. During the sessions, my skin became taut, but over the summer, we felt our bodies begin to bloat. I grew larger, out of all proportion to what I was ingesting. This was not too surprising for those around us. You see, my people are big drinkers. They do not pride themselves on it. In fact, it is a source of shame that is never spoken of. But it is accepted that when a person reaches a certain age, it is not unexpected for them to start changing shape because of it. I hid my addiction under the guise of heavy drinking.

Only Pedro did not change. He refused to experience The Rush with me. He said that he had seen his mother ruined because of it. But why was it okay for me to take it? He said that he knew what he was doing and that it would all be alright. I believed him. He was a beacon in the sea of change I found myself in.

I saw changes in the others, especially Elmo. He became more aggressive. Pedro said it was not unusual, especially when a person needed that special fix. I felt it too, that need to feel The Rush. When we were alone together, Pedro allowed me to swallow the crystal whenever I wanted to, instead of going through the ritual that we did when we were with the others. But he limited the quantity I ingested, so that after a while that did not feel like enough. I always wanted more.


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