Sugar Mountain High VIII

We lay in this state for what seemed like hours. It must have looked strange, the four of us on our backs, Pedro in the middle. I felt as though I was levitating. My skin was tingling with delight. With my eyes closed I could sense our surroundings. Clouds passed overhead in a bewildering flux. A vortex emerged from the sun, spinning slowly at first, but spiralling ever faster as it reached the earth. It was going to swallow us. I sensed it in absolute acceptance. Whatever the universe had to offer I was ready to accept.

The vortex propelled itself through the atmosphere. It was a kaleidoscope of colour. It touched the clouds, it was moving close to the speed of light now, but somehow slowed down by my perception. I felt the softest sensation of touch on my chest, and opened my eyes. A daisy had dropped on me.

The others were all sitting up by now, groggily rubbing their eyes. I longed to return to wherever it was I had been. Pedro came to stand above me, casting a shadow. I felt like crying. He bent down to hold my hand, and said: “You’ve come back to me.”


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