Sugar Mountain High VII

We went one day on our regular picnic. Pedro was invited but he failed to bring anything along. Nothing visible anyway. After eating he said: “I’ve brought something from my mother’s kitchen.” We were keen, and said excitedley: “What is it?”

He told us to lie back and close our eyes. He hummed a tune, and I felt my eyes and body relaxing. Then I became aware of the ground around me, the grass in between my toes. He leaned towards me and gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. Then he whispered in my ear: “Open your mouth, and hold out your tongue.” I was hesitant, but he rubbed my cheek with his fingertips, and I complied. I felt his finger on my tongue.

It was slightly encrusted with a crystalline substance. I felt it draw onto my tongue and dissolve. I was highly aware of it, probably because I was in such an accepting state. I had forgotten about Pedro, but then I sensed that he was already standing up, still humming his strange melody. I felt him moving to Elmo, then to Bobby and Avril, performing the same ritual with each of them, in turn. It was strangely church-like, as though we, young adults, were playing at the Sabbath service the way we used to when we were little children. Pedro’s tone, though, was light. It resonated with the rhythms of my own body in that time and place.

Even as I lay passively on the ground, I felt something begin to work inside me. After what must have been only a minute or two, I began to feel unsettled. As though he knew what was happening, Pedro stopped humming, and said: “Lie still, this will pass.” I felt myself relax again. But not mto my previous state. There was an excitement all over my body. I felt aroused in a way I had not felt before. I suddenly wanted Pedro to lie down beside me. Instead he said: “You will now begin to experience The Rush.”


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