Sugar Mountain High V

Pedro came from a worse position. Or should I say, merely, another position. His family lived on the other side of the hill. To say that he led us astray is to say that he showed us what was on the other side. But it was more than a physical journey.

His world was far removed from ours, though he lived around the corner geographically. The world I am referring here to is a conception, a way of life that enforces also a way of thinking. He had no friends. All his life was work. His father had died when he was young, so he had to become the breadwinner for his three younger siblings. His mother was a cripple. We all thought she was some kind of witchwoman, always disappearing into the forest on the side of the hill, with one of her kids in tow. God knew what she did there, but we came to know too. At the time, Pedro stuttered that she was planting  “C..C..C.. “. We started laughing, and I became hooked on his cuteness. How was I to know that attaching myself to him this way would lead to being hooked on other things?

How would we have known what it was he would have said anyway? Our lives had been so sheltered up till then. Yes, you may call it deprived, but that deprivation was our shelter from the ways of the world, just as much as that hill. A lot of innocence is lost in exploration.

[Flashforward: . In animal experiments at Princeton University, Carlos Colzani has shown that rats that have been fed large amounts of … in their food and then have it removed show signs of opioid withdrawal. “The indices of anxiety and other symptoms were similar to withdrawal from morphine or nicotine,” he reports in the journal …]

Now where were we, or rather, when were we? The year was 1935. A year of no significance, it hardly registers as a blip on the radar of history. We were before our time. When our time did come, we watched in amusement, and some curiosity, as a new generation re-discovered and proclaimed to the highest heavens, what we had known in our tiny group. Well, let me qualify that by saying that the form, but not the substance was the same. Ha! Ha! I find that so funny.


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