Sugar Mountain High

[Author’s note: Echoes of John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ should scatter and reflect in your mind.]

‘Twas about the time when we finished high school, as the future beckoned in a way that it hadn’t before nor hasn’t since. A comely, alluring future, full of promise, of hope. A desire come to fruition. The trees swayed in the breeze, as they had always done, but the winds of change were only beginning.

[Flashforward: Man, we were gunning on the highway outta Vegas, bats flippn’ everywhere, bats flying outta my ass, the desert sun like an atomic bomb gone off in your face, and everything all crazy like the Sunday School kids had suddenly drawn a gun on ya…]

There was tall elm ‘back of our house. And in it’s highest point was etched my name from when my Daddy wrote it when I was born, and the elm was just a sapling. If I climb to about midway up the tree, I can see it, carved in ragged block letters: ‘GLADYS’.  I’m telling you this, so that you will remember.

There was me, Avril, Bobby and Elmo. We’ve known each other since we were little kids. Ours was a small, sheltered community, and us four were a community within that larger one. The houses in our town, in our part of town, were all close together. And standing guard at the back of us was a hill, what us kids called Sugar Mountain. I cannot recall who frist said it, or why, but it became a name that stuck. It bordered us and protected us. And so we kept to ourselves, mostly. Amongst us four, friendship drew us closer, and after a while its bonds became unbreakable. Even now, after so many years have passed, there isn’t a time when we’re not there for each other. Through all the trials of life: love; marriage; kids; divorce; death; god, even just getting through a normal day, we’ve been there for each other.

Even that time that I will come to shortly enough once I have said all that I need to, even then we stuck together, even though it seemed we would be torn apart. But instead we grew, the bonds expanding to include the one who came into our lives. The one we came to love. The one they called Pedro.


2 Responses to “Sugar Mountain High”

  1. he_H Says:

    wow. the roddish one powers to higher levels of writing. imagination is a rush too, ne’?

  2. the1rod Says:

    Yo! H,
    how high can the1rod write? Sugar Mountain High!
    Imagination is a rush indeed, but unfortunately, as you well know, it cannot be rushed…

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