The End of Time is Nowish…

On Sunday we experienced a drag in time. Or perhaps it was a drift, a slow meandering through the afternoon. The hours were dragging their feet, and the minutes were drifting off course. Mimicing the movements of tectonic plates in their pondering, I imagine.

From one o’ clock to five o’clock and beyond was the equivalent of a normal twenty four hour period. It was like being stuck in time traffic. The infinite sequence of future presents piling up, waiting patiently to happen.

Then  yesterday I found a book by Julian Barbour called “The End of Time.” I have heard of the man, but not encountered his work before. Was this a coincidence, I wonder(ed)? Or were two sets of events squeezed together deliberately to create the effect?

From an initial reading of the book, his contention is that time does not exist; our belief in it being analogous to the situation of believing that the sun rotates around the earth. Perhaps it is an epiphenomenon?


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