Around the City in 8 hours

Yesterday, I sat on my bum almost all the time. I went into Bellville from 09h00 – 15h00 or so. Then I drove to Stellenbosch for a meeting from 16h00 – 18h00. Then guess what? I drove back home, another half-hour. At least I got to gym at lunchtime. And I managed to squeeze in a swim with the boys before supper.

The city seemed strange&charming, driving back from the rural. I took the old Arterial Road. The farms are quite close to the R300. Along one rise in the road, there was farmland on both sides, then in the distance I could see the table cloth spread on the mountain. Quite majestic. Someone was taking pictures along the side of the road.

Oh yes, I also went to a movie with Amanda at the Waterfront. More driving, more sitting, another three hours. We saw ‘Blood Diamond’. Very violent. Tear-jerker, too, especially when they talk about sons. They also gave a glimpse of Cape Town, and the mountain appeared behind that other beauty, Jennifer Connelly.

What is the point of all the violence, I wondered? Is it trying to be anti-war? But how can it be? It reminds me of what Noah says when he watches TV that we don’t want him to watch: “Batman/Pokemon teaches you that violence is wrong.” That’s why he only gets to watch TV on the weekends.

I got to bed close to twelve, and couldn’t sleep. Then I got woken at 05h00 this morning because Jody couldn’t sleep. Maybe he missed me yesterday.


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