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If you’ve been around the block a few times

February 28, 2007

And your back is not paining in the middle and lower regions, then you have not been trying to put a child to sleep in your arms for an hour.

Let this be Aphorism 2.


When the scales fall from your eyes

February 27, 2007

Then you will see that you are finally human.

Let this be Aphorism 1.

Pictures of beauty

February 22, 2007

Sorry, no, these are not self-portraits.

Instead, I am pasting here some images sent to me by Amanda (she of baby-sitting fame only, not baby-making). Seeing as how I like things astronomical, they might be worth the extra gig of space. Gosh, will you look at that: ‘space’ and ‘astronomical’ in the same sentence. Tut, tut.

Anyway, so these pictures are going to save me a thousand words today. I wonder what I shouldn’t talk about? Maybe the weather? What about traffic? Or squash? Mmmm…







So this is what they get up to on a Tuesday night…

February 21, 2007

Gary and Amanda came to vist last night. We gave them supper, we put the kids to bed, and then we snuck out. Like real adults.

And went to eat at Diva’s in Obs, like the old days.

Then Jos, of course, kept us for ten minutes regaling us with crime stories from the neighbourhood as we waited outside his shop to leave. Apparently it’s all those people from the most populous nation in Africa that is causing all the kak!

We also went over the road after to say hello to Faizel, who is now at Pancho’s.

Proof: here’s Gary reading to the boys. Ain’t he sweet? Ladies, I’ll give out his number if you want…


48 Hours

February 20, 2007

There was a movie of this name in the 1980s, starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Remember when Eddie Murphy used to be fun? There was Beverley Hills Cop, Coming to America, and not to forget that racous video “Delirious”, that we watched at Gary’s parents’ place after school.

My 48 hours was spent at home this weekend: I entered the premises at 18h30 on Friday, and did not leave until 15h30 on Sunday. Well, it’s not exactly 48 hours issit? But then again, did I ever claim to be Eddie Murphy? Or Nick Nolte for that matter?

Prior to the 48 hours, I played squash on Friday afternoon, first against the resident gym bunny, and then against some shortish, unathletic-looking guy. I asked this guy if he played league. There was a terse ‘yes’. I should’ve just walked off the court then. Turns out the cagey bastard is a 4th league monster. I had no chance. His shuffling, granny-like movements were just too much to bear, and I cried off after 2 games. Did I mention the pin-point accuracy into the back corners? Hardly any power on them, just perfect length. It was cruelty manifested as a game of squash.

Meanwhile Jim Bunny (I shall not dignify him with the monniker Man Friday, which is what he was heading for) was standing at the back of the glass court, laughing.

From then on, things could only get better, and my “48 hours” (let’s just leave them like that, ok? It doesn’t sound as snazzy to say 45 hours, 30 odd minutes) thereafter was spent sleeping, braaing, playing with the boys, and…whatever it is people do when they are not writhing in agony on a squash court.

Two stories that I would like to write

February 15, 2007

They both came from news media over the past week.

The first was in the Sunday Independent, concerning old age. They mentioned a woman who was turning 100, in some region of France where there are lots of old people. The woman said she was sad that she had outlived all her relatives. Later on the article mentioned that she had lost her only child in its first year.

The other story comes from the Baby Jordan murder trial. The youngest member of the assasination team described how he was told to take the baby to another room and kill it. He said in court that he he couldn’t do it and played with it instead because it smiled at him and reminded him of how he used to look after his baby brother.

How come I am working so hard already so early in the year?

February 14, 2007

Today I found myself hunched over my desk feverishly working the machine. Again. And it’s only February. About time, you say?

About Time: it is perhaps not an epiphenomenon as stated in yesterday’s blog, but more of a delusion, or to be kind, an illusion.

The End of Time is Nowish…

February 13, 2007

On Sunday we experienced a drag in time. Or perhaps it was a drift, a slow meandering through the afternoon. The hours were dragging their feet, and the minutes were drifting off course. Mimicing the movements of tectonic plates in their pondering, I imagine.

From one o’ clock to five o’clock and beyond was the equivalent of a normal twenty four hour period. It was like being stuck in time traffic. The infinite sequence of future presents piling up, waiting patiently to happen.

Then  yesterday I found a book by Julian Barbour called “The End of Time.” I have heard of the man, but not encountered his work before. Was this a coincidence, I wonder(ed)? Or were two sets of events squeezed together deliberately to create the effect?

From an initial reading of the book, his contention is that time does not exist; our belief in it being analogous to the situation of believing that the sun rotates around the earth. Perhaps it is an epiphenomenon?

I forgot what I wanted to say…

February 12, 2007

So what is it you wanted to read here? Think of this as my market research.

Around the City in 8 hours

February 7, 2007

Yesterday, I sat on my bum almost all the time. I went into Bellville from 09h00 – 15h00 or so. Then I drove to Stellenbosch for a meeting from 16h00 – 18h00. Then guess what? I drove back home, another half-hour. At least I got to gym at lunchtime. And I managed to squeeze in a swim with the boys before supper.

The city seemed strange&charming, driving back from the rural. I took the old Arterial Road. The farms are quite close to the R300. Along one rise in the road, there was farmland on both sides, then in the distance I could see the table cloth spread on the mountain. Quite majestic. Someone was taking pictures along the side of the road.

Oh yes, I also went to a movie with Amanda at the Waterfront. More driving, more sitting, another three hours. We saw ‘Blood Diamond’. Very violent. Tear-jerker, too, especially when they talk about sons. They also gave a glimpse of Cape Town, and the mountain appeared behind that other beauty, Jennifer Connelly.

What is the point of all the violence, I wondered? Is it trying to be anti-war? But how can it be? It reminds me of what Noah says when he watches TV that we don’t want him to watch: “Batman/Pokemon teaches you that violence is wrong.” That’s why he only gets to watch TV on the weekends.

I got to bed close to twelve, and couldn’t sleep. Then I got woken at 05h00 this morning because Jody couldn’t sleep. Maybe he missed me yesterday.