And now we play ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen

we had our anniversary on Saturday. It’s not a fixed day like for married couples. Rather, it is tied to the Obz Festival, whenever that may be, usually the first Saturday in December. That’s where we first agreed to meet, at the old FNB branch on Lower Main Road, although we got there hours apart.

So we tend to forget the significance of the day until quite late in the afternoon. This year we went to the Festival as outsiders, for the first time, being from Pinelands now. The Festival does not change: the pressing crowds, the food on the street tables, the crafts and tie-died t-shirts, the music unapproachable except at a distance. But it takes you back, somewhat, to those halcyon days of youth. 

And to complete that feeling, to better recapture those times (because we now spend most of the time in the park with the kids), when we get home we play ‘Suzanne’, by Leonard Cohen, which equal to anything else, takes you back to those times. Because we played that CD endlessly. And Cat Stevens.

I googled for Suzanne and I found those same sentiments expressed by the woman herself:


Suzanne: I guess I miss the simpler times that we lived and shared. I don’t mean to be maudlin about it, but we’ve kind of gone our different ways and lost touch and some of my most beloved friends have departed from this planet into the other spheres. And there’s sometimes a very real homesickness for Montreal and that wonderful time.

Saunders: So it almost has become a symbol of your youth, if you like?

Suzanne: Oh absolutely, and for many of us, I hold dear this time, very much so.

And here she is:



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