Game to me

Yesterday I went looking at Game in Tygervalley for a video recording device. Liezl behind the counter was very helpful. She said tape was better than direct to dvd. So I went for the tape-based Canon MP890, rather than the DVD Sony whatever that was on sale for R500 less. I figured also that Canon is a specialist camera company, and so should be more reliable, somehow. The competition probably lowers the price, hopefully.

Anyway, I tried my luck, as usual, and started bargaining. And before you can say “Give me a big discount please”, Liezl whipped out a brochure from a rival retailer that advertised the Canon for less than Game’s price. So she was compelled to reduce the amount by some R400.

Feeling like I had made a saving (funny how that works: you buy something quite expensive, and walk away thinking you’ve made a saving somehow), I proceeded to learn how to operate the device in a few minutes, while under intense pressure to leave home to go to Noah’s school for his Nativity Play, for which purpose I had originally wanted to purchase the camera.

The battery was not fully charged, but I did manage to film my boy and his friends until five minutes before the end. Noah was full of actions, and he even belted out one or two songs. It was very cute to see him in his angel custome looking out for us in the audience and waving.

Jody slept through the whole performance. He had a fever. I guess I’ll have to show him the tape I made…


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