Do you know what I did last Wednesday?

The farm workers on the Valence farm in Paarl were in dire need of a crèche to support the 15 children that currently live on the farm.  The parents of these children would need to leave them in order to work on the farm but unfortunately they had no proper facilities or supervision during the day. My client approached the management of the farm and they very kindly made an empty house available for the team to renovate and they also organised someone that will look after the children after completion.

Teams were allocated various tasks.  Firstly, a team assessed the need, cost and what we needed to buy.  Secondly, three teams were identified: painting team, decorating team and the reveal and party team. On the first day the “painting team” had their work cut out for them.  Windows were sanded; walls, roof and window frames were painted and general cleaning and fixing took place.










2 Responses to “Do you know what I did last Wednesday?”

  1. neil Says:

    Cool. Do me next.

  2. Ben Brink's Blog Says:

    Well done Rod

    I love what you did on the wall above the bed.
    BTW I’m testing the trackback feature so this comment may work strangely

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