Birthday Season

Noah turned five on Friday. Lucky Friday the 13th, the luckiest day of our lives. This closes our birthday season, where we all turned one year older during an eight week period (some also turned wiser). His party was well attended by cousins and school mates. Eleven kids on the rampage. There were potato&spoon races, treasure hunts, ice cream cake, cold beers, etc.

Noah had a very special look on his face when he opened his present on Friday morning (after waking me up half an hour earlier than usual, saying “Dad, it’s light already. Let’s open the presents.”)  His eyes were wider than usual, and a huge smile emerged. When he unwrapped the newspaper, his hands went up to his mouth in wonder. For once Noah was silent:) Then he managed to say “Oh my Gaw”.

It was the LEGO pirate ship (no longer available in the retail outlets, but retrieved by his resourceful parents). We spent the next hour setting it up. I am proud of my fine motor skills!

I think we are going to have to get something simple and inexpensive for Christmas…


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