Friday morning, 3:00 a.m in YES time

I was extremely tired at about 22h30 Thursday evening. But I perservered. I had to finish things for a presentation today. A little elephant (Cote D’Or) helped me. It is YES time: Year End Syndrome, when everyone wants their stuff done before the annual shutdown, in other words YESterday!


4 Responses to “Friday morning, 3:00 a.m in YES time”

  1. nabs Says:

    what happened to the “no-sugar” lifestyle you were living these past few weeks? uncle rod, did my mom tell you she tried it (no sugar i mean)…. shame she lasted 2 days i think. and she was so determined at first. but you dont get terri without tea and sugar.

  2. nabs Says:

    Cote D’Or is such a bourgeois chocolate.

  3. the1rod Says:

    In times of trouble, you have to have a couple of things in reserve, such as chocolate and coffee. If I have these all the time, then they won’t have the necessary effect when they are really needed. I reserve coffee for squash games, although I do indulge in the odd cafe latte upon those rare occassions when I do get out of house and work.

    I would say that Cote D’Or is actually aristocratic, not bourgeois. But then again, I start from more humble beginnings.

  4. ragpv Says:

    Good site!!!

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