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Ok, ok, so you didn’t read it here first…

October 31, 2006

The Mail and Guardian kindly published my letter last week. Here it is for the benefit of you conservative, reactionary kulaks who can’t bring yourself to read this fine example of investigative reporting.

Dear Ed

The authorities have informed us that the army cannot be used in the cash heist violence because the Constitution forbids the use of the armed forces against our citizens. But Charles Nqakula indicated recently that these violent crimes were being perpetrated by Zimbabweans. So why not send in the army?



Pinelands Poetry III

October 25, 2006


In the Beginning

There was no beginning

Leaving us these

Spaces in Time,

These moments, for which

We are eternal.

Pinelands Poetry II

October 25, 2006

The Title of this Poem is Longer than the Poem itself

This Poem don’t rhyme.

Try another time.

Pinelands Poetry

October 24, 2006


When you speak this poem

You must insert a word


So that what is written

Differs from what is heard.

Game of the Century

October 19, 2006

Today is the 50th anniversary of that singular match between Bobby Fischer and David Byrne that has come to be labelled by the above title. Neil mailed me the link:

Birthday Season

October 17, 2006

Noah turned five on Friday. Lucky Friday the 13th, the luckiest day of our lives. This closes our birthday season, where we all turned one year older during an eight week period (some also turned wiser). His party was well attended by cousins and school mates. Eleven kids on the rampage. There were potato&spoon races, treasure hunts, ice cream cake, cold beers, etc.

Noah had a very special look on his face when he opened his present on Friday morning (after waking me up half an hour earlier than usual, saying “Dad, it’s light already. Let’s open the presents.”)  His eyes were wider than usual, and a huge smile emerged. When he unwrapped the newspaper, his hands went up to his mouth in wonder. For once Noah was silent:) Then he managed to say “Oh my Gaw”.

It was the LEGO pirate ship (no longer available in the retail outlets, but retrieved by his resourceful parents). We spent the next hour setting it up. I am proud of my fine motor skills!

I think we are going to have to get something simple and inexpensive for Christmas…

To the Blockhouse

October 11, 2006

Noah and I fairly raced up from Rhodes Memorial to the blockhouse last Monday. And he is not even  five! He was upset that we could not go in to the ‘castle’ to see the treasure. There was no one around, only the bracing wind, and the views far out to sea, and the traffic down below.

I carried him for some of the way down, because I remembered how jelly like your legs feel when you are that age. I guess in a few years we will be going along the Pipe Track and up to Breakfast Rock, like I used to with my dad.

Friday morning, 3:00 a.m in YES time

October 6, 2006

I was extremely tired at about 22h30 Thursday evening. But I perservered. I had to finish things for a presentation today. A little elephant (Cote D’Or) helped me. It is YES time: Year End Syndrome, when everyone wants their stuff done before the annual shutdown, in other words YESterday!