Let’s unpack this propaganda, shall we?

“The ideal is El Salvador in the 1980s, where the whole US force structure was limited to 55 special forces operatives who actually achieved more than 550 000 troops did in Vietnam,” said Max Boot of the Council on Foreign Relations –

commenting on the US ‘low-intensity warfare’ in Africa, reported in the Mail and Guardian online http://www.mg.co.za/articlePage.aspx?articleid=284043&area=/breaking_news/breaking_news__africa/

An alternative reading of the US involvement in El Salvador may be found in Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Salvador


Following increasing clashes between the Marxist group Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), El Salvadoran Armed Forces (ESAF) and rightist vigilantes, a civil war erupted that would last for 12 years (1980-92) and claim the lives of approximately 75,000 people. Among the victims of the war included Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who is believed to be the greatest apostle of the poor in Latin America for delivering his message of peace and equality for all Salvadorans. He was assassinated while delivering his homily on Sunday, March 24, 1980.

The assassination was carried out by Alvaro Saravia, who in 1979 left the Salvadoran military, and from that time worked closely with Roberto D’Aubuisson. D’Aubuisson, in conjunction with elements of the Salvadoran armed forces and far right Salvadoran civilians in El Salvador, Guatemala and the United States, founded the far right political party Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (“ARENA”), which is now in power in El Salvador. D’Aubuisson organized death squads composed of civilians and military figures that systematically carried out politically-motivated assassinations and other human rights abuses in El Salvador.

According to the 1993 United Nations’ Truth Commission report, over 96% of the human rights violations carried out during the war were committed by the Salvadoran military or the paramilitary death squads, while 3.5% were committed by the FMLN.


Or if you want to listen to the voice of Reason, goto http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Corporate_Media/


So, for example, take Libya. Qaddafi is certainly a terrorist. The latest edition of the Amnesty International publication, Political Killings by Governments, lists Qaddafi as a terrorist; he killed fourteen people, Libyans, mostly in Libya, in the 1980s. There may be a handful of others, but even taking the most extreme estimate it couldn’t be more than several dozen, probably less. That’s terrorism, and he’s therefore the “Mad Dog of the Middle East” and the “King of International Terrorism.” That’s because he meets our criteria: he’s them, not us, and the terrorism that one talks about is carried out generally by small groups, not by one of our major states.
Let’s compare it with El Salvador. In the same years in which Libya killed maybe fourteen,
maybe 20 people, mostly Libyans, the government of El Salvador slaughtered about
50,000 people. Now that’s not just terrorism, that’s international terrorism, because it
was done by us. We instituted the government as much as the Russians instituted the
government in Afghanistan; we created the army, a terrorist army; we supplied, organized
and directed it. The worst atrocities were carried out by American-trained elite battalions
fresh from their training. The U.S. Air Force participated directly in coordinating bombing
strikes-the terror was not ordinary killing. Libyan terror is bad enough; they kill people.
But our terrorists first mutilate, torture, rape, cut them to pieces-it’s hideous torture,
Pol Pot-style. That’s not called terrorism. El Salvador is not called a terrorist state.


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