I told you I was right: the wrong Nasrallah

In my recent blog,


I pondered the identity of the entity tracking my msispeling of the name Nasrullah Khan.

Turns out others have paid for a similar ‘mistake’.




and look what happened to him:

“Hassan Nasrallah says he has no regrets about having the same name as the man at the top of  Israel’s most-wanted list. What’s more, he said he is proud to share a name with the Hezbollah leader, even if that meant being snatched by Israeli commandos and flown to Israel where he was jailed for three weeks.”

Here’s what the real Nasrallah had to say:

“Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader who hails from southern Lebanon, ridiculed the Israeli commando operation in a TV appearance at the height of the fighting.

‘Such a great commando operation ends up targeting an honorable family man whose only fault is that his name is Hassan Nasrallah,’ the cleric said. 

What’s in a name, ye olde Billy asked. Indeed!


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