Afternoon Naps

If there is one thing I miss most intensely out of all the myriad activities engaged in B.C. (Before Children) – going to movies anytime, eating out whenever, taking a holiday just like that, exercising to my heart’s content and health, working late, hanging out with buddies, being cool at the beach, to name a few – it is the Afternoon Nap.

That slow, drifting, lulling drop into blissful unconciousness. ‘Sleep that knits the ravelled brow of time’, as olde Billy said. That sweet, almost sensual softening and relaxation of the muscles; the aimless, whispering meanderings of the mind at rest. Ah! to thee I pay homage.

I felt Thine Power of a Saturday afternoon of past week. Divine thy was in thy blessings. I awoke refreshed. I thank thee, and look forward to your revisitation sometime in the distant future.

Jody has started to skip his naps upon occassion. We must be careful not to let him nod off in the late afternoon, lest he keep us up until all hours. He does a catch-up nap the next day, but soon he shall no longer need a daytime snooze. He is in what is called the Golden Age, just out of babyhood, before the Terrible Twos. Jody is so cute and sweet, he makes his Daddy’s heart break leaving him.

I hope this is not a sign of brooding, mister!


2 Responses to “Afternoon Naps”

  1. nabs Says:

    uncle rod… i came for a surprise visit the other day but ALAS you were not to b found at home. i think you probably visit your Blog more often than your important family in the oh-so-awesomely pretentious suburb of bishopscourt. fancy-pants.

    anyway, i have a solution to your “napping” problem. i really am just twiddling my thumbs at the moment here – really just making a mess of my mother’s house (since when can’t a teenage girl leave her clothes on the floor? we live in a democratic country now so if boys can make a mess so can i) well the thing is i am very keen to help out babysitting my little ones whenever. if you suddenly find the need for an afternoon nap, go ahead, ring me up and we can spring a deal.

  2. the1rod Says:

    nabs, how appropriate that you comment on naps, your favourite pastime.
    i bet your mother doesn’t have to make your bed even. drop by anytime to babysit. Better still, get your driver’s licence so you can take them away, then I can have my nap. I am hoping to have one in October again.

    As if you need further motivation to nap, especially after slumming in the rain in Spain, here is a link to why naps are cool:

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