The Wailing Wall

There used to be squash courts in Goodwood when I was a child, where that
Monument to Mammon, otherwise known as the Grand West Casino, is now. So I won’t mind if it falls in on itself. Those were the days of wooden racquets and white Judron shorts. There was a poster of Geoff Hunt at the entrance and orange juice in polystyrene cups for sale at the kiosk. (No Jahangir Khan on the scene yet. For an interesting history on the Khans’ 50 year unprecedented, unrepeatable dominance in sport, see Martin Bronstein’s reports on )

I did not get to play there, being too young then, and booked elsewhere in my teens (the S&S courts in Belgravia Road, Athlone). But just before the casino was built – must be 2001 or so, I suppose – I went around there. What a dreadful sight! Destruction everywhere. Desecration. Upheaval.

The Horror, The Horror!

The front wall of one of the courts was all that was left, the red service line defiant to the end. So I prayed there, sort of. And Cry(ed) for the Beloved Country.


One Response to “The Wailing Wall”

  1. neil Says:

    your fokken orangejuicecourt didn’t bring billions in tax revenue and divorce court earnings.

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