Whey, to go.

Once or twice a week I get a smoothie from Kauai. I used to try something really healthy, like immune booster. But then I discovered the joys of peanut bliss. It’s not fat-free, thank God. There’s peanut butter, vanilla sorbet, all the good stuff.

I’m getting into the habit of ordering an extra scoop of whey powder with it. Besides other attributes, whey helps with anti-oxidation; in other words, the murder of free radicals. Politically, that would not be such a good thing, but if you want to live longer, it is best to terminate with extreme prejudice these malignant molecules in your body.

When I was ill recently, I ordered the immune booster again, without the extra scoop. The tiller said to me: “No whey?”

Today I ran into Jean Cleymans, Professor of Theoretical Physics at UCT. He didn’t remember me, for some strange reason, even though it was only ten, no twelve years ago (can it be?) that I was in his class. It’s not like they get 50 students a year doing Honours, you know – there were four in my group. And I distinctly recall that he used to deliver his lectures from memory. Granted, statistical thermodynamics does tend towards a cyclic state. Hee Hee physics joke:) 

Anyway, I gave him my business card. He seemed impressed. Maybe I can get to work with him, actually. He works on major projects at CERN, and they have a lot of data. Hmmm…


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