In my lunchbox today

I had a low GI bread tuna easy-on-the-mayonaise sandwich, a humus sandwich, some gooseberries, a few almonds, a slice or two of cheese, a carrot, and some extra humus (for the carrot, who might have felt lonely). I did it all myself. I usually make breakfast for us all, and put in my and Noah’s lunch, and this morning was no exception.

I would have taken a picture of the box but for two reasons: I don’t have the camera phone with me, and I left the humus to mix with the rest of them in the box. It was not a pretty sight at all when I lifted the lid. There’s a political message in there somewhere, I’m sure…

Maybe even a religious vision, like the Virgin Mary.

So far, I’ve demolished the humus sandwich, some nuts and the carrot. And, of course, the humus itself. Now my stomach has to deal with it. Maybe that’s how people get a “gut feeling” about religion and politics:)


2 Responses to “In my lunchbox today”

  1. jfloyd Says:

    What does “GI bread” mean?

    Thank you

  2. the1rod Says:

    GI refers to the Glycemic Index, a measure of the sugar content. Low GI foods are generally preferable in the diet, as they do not induce a severe insulin response from the body. A large cause of obesity in recent times is due to the large intake of refined sugars, such as is found in table sugar, white bread, pasta, fizzy drinks, and take aways, generally.

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