How a spelling error could get you killed

In a recent blog,  ,

I waxed lyrical about the virtues of a certain Pakistani squash player, by name Mr. N… Khan.

Much to my surprise the other day, a search engine brought to my blog a visitor searching on a certain ‘Nasruallah’. I did some googling: amongst a number of listings for Hassan Nasruallah, there was my blog’s entry.  Now Hassan Nasruallah is a prominent member of Hezbollah. I re-checked my spelling: I should have written Mr. Nasrullah Khan in my blog. Firstly, I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to either mr. Hassan Nasruallah or Mr. Nasrullah Khan.

What worries me most, though, is the identity of my visitor. Was it the FBI, the CIA? Aaaaahhhh, I better run for it. Wait, there’s nowhere to run…

Kids: don’t misspel.


3 Responses to “How a spelling error could get you killed”

  1. Thursday Says:

    You can run… but you can’t hide.

    I think it was The Borg. Resistance is futile.

  2. nabs Says:

    Mr Rod, have you heard the much awaited news?? only kidding im sure you all have forgotten that im a million miles away from home, but im very happy indeed for i am returning back to the beautiful cape on the 16th of august. yippee indeed. everyday when i walk to the underground i walk past a South African shop where they sell niknaks, creme soda, hunters dry, boerewors, biltong, you name it and i have to always step in for just a minute in the hope of being home but alas. whenever i hear a south african accent or afrikaans being spoken i am quick to start a conversation with the particular person. i must seem scarily eager. its a sign that i must return. im losing my mind i fear. separation anxiety attacks. PS i think i agree with you about the boys, keeping them away from women and all. but i’ve been told that im not all that female like by my guy friends. well my mind isnt at least so i must urge you to release them into my care.

  3. the1rod Says:

    Nabeeha, my darling niece, how sweet to hear your virtual voice. Sometimes I think about when you were a baby, so sweet (before that horrible brother of yours came along). And now, all grown up, with such lovely reddish cheeks, too. You must have eaten all your veggies, hey? Tell me how the mind can be male or female. It is not .. uh hum… endowed… with any ..uh hum…organs.

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