A Random Walk through the week

Last week I played Thursday. We were 2 games all, and he was
leading 7-2 in the final game. Scary stuff.Lots of nifty footwork
from him, especially on the backhand, had me worried. But pressure
began to tell, I think. 9-7 to me in the end.
And Thursday will have to try again.
The1Rod will be even harder to beat.
We have to play on Friday this week due to other committments,
but isn't there already a Man, Friday? 


I almost did not leave the house on the weekend. It was like

that period around Christmas and New Year when you forget

what day it is. I had to wait for a courier delivery on

Saturday morning, then played with my boys until their bedtime.

I also did the laundry and cooking. A regular house spouse.

I worked that night. A bit. What happened the next day?

Ah, yes some friends came for breakfast.

Their daughter kindly looked after the boys while we had

adult conversation. It was difficult at first.


In the years B.C. (Before Children), adult talk seemed

much more engaging. For a long while it seemed that all

I could talk about was babies. A little bit less, recently though.

Now I can talk about squash&exercise,

traffic problems in Cape Town, work, jolling.

Back in the day, I used to wonder if there was anything

worthwhile talking about besides Quantum Mechanics.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!


Late on Sunday afternoon we went to see my mum. 


On Monday morning we had coffee and delicious

pastry at Limone (?) in Green Point. 


On Tuesday evening, as I stepped out of the

car at my brother's house, I had the fleeting

sensation of expectation that my father was there.

It was the house where he died, so I suppose I was

playing tricks on myself. In a theory of consciousness

(assuming there is such a thing) this could be

explained as a random hallucination that

got through the filter. 

  Wednesday morning in the lift I offered a woman

twenty bucks for her coffee, but she said no.

There are some needs money can't buy.

And she wouldn't accept Mastercard (R) either.


2 Responses to “A Random Walk through the week”

  1. Thursday Says:

    Sheesh. Turns out neither Man Thursday nor Friday pitched for our next game. Thursday, on Friday, was a disaster. Didn’t even take a game off the Rodster! Normally he takes a while to get to grips with his surroundings and by that time I’ve taken at least the first game. On Friday, though, this was not to be. I am embarrassed by the total lack of resistance offered. I’m over-weight, out of shape and a disgrace. But not for long, for I have made a committment to train myself to a standstill from now on, with one goal in mind. The defeat of the Rodster. THE COURT WILL BE MINE! (not that I’d really want it actually – the court’s at Planet Fitness in Claremont are without a doubt the tattiest in the known universe.)

  2. the1rod Says:

    Preparation is key, huh? Off-court training, shot practice. And I think I learned now also the importance of being properly prepared with on-court warm up, instead of getting there last-minute, or late, and rushing into things. See you Thursday, Thursday!

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