Waist Removal

I weighed myself today. I am down to 77kgs (ok, it was in between 77 and 78kg). This is fighting fit. It is what I weighed when I was playing league squash. You could say I have regained my figure since having children:)


4 Responses to “Waist Removal”

  1. neil Says:

    Rodney, you @#$%. You’re now a full 10kg lighter than me. How the mighty have swollen…

  2. the1rod Says:

    Especially around the head:)
    I suspect that extra 10kg is mainly sugar. Cut it out. ‘Cos you are so sweet already, honey!

  3. Thursday Says:

    Get a room you two

  4. the1rod Says:

    Why? Wanna join us?

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